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Welcome to our website.  Please come and visit with us at our Bancroft location which is managed by Kelly Lee Davison, and at our Haliburton location which is owned and operated by Mat McTrash. We are having a great time producing high quality wines, beers and coolers in a fun, relaxing cost effective manner.  We have available to you over 900 wines and blends from around the world.  We can assist you to create a wine cellar the envy of your “connoisseur” friends! Access to all available product was an important goal we set ourselves at the outset of our business such that our clientèle would want for nothing. Wine from grapes or fresh fruit - how does garlic and onion sound?  Yes, we have the expertise to fulfill whatever brewing wants and needs you may desire. We are a fully licensed Ferment-on-Premises facility with many years of experience.  We look forward to sharing our expertise with you that you might dazzle your social circle with fine award winning offerings.