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How does the quality of wine brewed-on-premise compare with commercial products? Brewed-on-premise wine is significantly superior to commercial wines in large part due to the care taken in it’s production. How soon will my wine be ready for consumption? The finished wine should be allowed to rest for 7-10 days.  Depending on the quality of the wine it may be consumed immediately or within 1 year. What is the shelf life of my wine? Finished wine will keep indefinitely with proper storage - on its side in a cool & dark area. Is bottling wine difficult and time consuming? Not at all.  We will guide you through the use of our professional bottling system. Is the cost of making my own wine greater than purchasing commercial products? The reverse is true.  It can cost a little over $1.00 per 750 ml. up to the most expensive wines costing $7.00 including taxes!