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Our Monthly Communique

Every month we bring to you news of the

wonderful world of the vintner.  New creations,

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thought (or to be paired with a unique wine!)

News for January 2018
Fun Wine Facts!

Tempranillo is a black grape variety widely grown to

make full-bodied red wines in its native Spain. Its

name is the diminutive of the Spanish temprano

which means "early", This is a reference to the fact

that it ripens several weeks earlier than most

Spanish red grapes. Tempranillo has been grown

on the Iberian Peninsula since the time of

Phoenician settlements. It is the main grape used in

Rioja, and is often referred to as Spain's noble


- Wikipedia

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Get $5 off the World Vineyard Spanish Tempranillo 4-week wine

Gorgeous ruby red in colour, this medium-bodied wine is Spain’s answer to Cabernet Sauvignon, with berry, plum and herbal notes running to a lush finish of tobacco, leather and vanilla. Serve with roast pork, sheep’s milk cheeses, roasted vegetables or lamb.